Restaurant Concepts None Tried Before

Restaurant Concepts None Tried Before

Restaurant Concepts None Tried Before



Here I will let you know what fueled those restaurateurs’ decisions to open a restaurant; let us talk about few concepts none tried before. Take a glance at the unique restaurant ideas and concepts below to get your creative juices flowing.

Team up with local farms:

More and more, diners are becoming serious about where their food comes from. Cream-line in New York has a ” from farm to tray” design that utilizes ingredients from local farms and purveyors.

Let robots do the cooking.

Space in Boston has created the world’s 1st restaurant run featuring a robotic kitchen that cooks complicated meals. Robots operate the woks and dispense ingredients, decreasing labor overhead for management and menu prices for guests.

Open a chef incubator.

Make your chef the main attraction of the restaurant. Small-man Galley in Pittsburgh lets emerging chefs experiment with their concept and menu, giving guests a different experience every time they visit.

Try a pop-up restaurant.

If you are not really ready to invest in a brick-and-mortar location just yet but wish to test your menu on a fresh new audience? Try opening some pop-up restaurants. Eventide Oyster Co., a Portland-based oyster bar cum restaurant with some James Beard Award-nominated chefs, did a great pop-up at Haley henry.

Feature rotating chefs

Every month, invite another chef to your restaurant to take over your concept & showcase his talent. This will be very beneficial for your restaurant even in the long term.

Partner with other restaurants

Keep both your friends close and your enemies closer. You should stop thinking of other restaurants as enemies; they are just competitors. It is good to Partner with other restaurants in your region to bring in a more enthusiastic crowd. For instance, A4cade in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a partnership between Area Four and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, creating an out-of-the-box retro bar arcade experience. And who doesn’t love arcade games?

Do away with tipping.

Switching to a gratuity-free employment model, where front-of-house staff are paid a higher hourly wage (often plus benefits) and do not accept customers’ tips, can be intimidating. But few restaurants, like Juliet in Somerville, Massachusetts, are thriving with a no-tip, profit-sharing model.

Combine multiple concepts

Few restaurants only make money at specific times of day, like brunch places that are busy in the morning and busy bars at night. Could spots like these be making more dollars if they combined concepts? 5th Frame Brewing Co. in Rochester, New York, has done just that, serving as an all-in-one coffee shop, brewery, and breakfast/lunch spot.

Add animals to the ambiance.

There are few perks to having a fantastic pet-friendly restaurant. But what about a restaurant themed on cats and dogs? Yes, cat and dog cafes are plentiful. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Brooklyn Cat Cafe
  • Koneko Cat Cafe
  • Meow Parlour
  • The Dog Cafe
  • RAWR Coffee Bar

Partner with local breweries

If your craft beer sales are high, consider partnering with regional breweries to create proprietary beers for your restaurant. For instance, Oath Craft Pizza partnered with Night Shift Brewing in Everett, Massachusetts, and Journeyman partnered with Aeronaut Brewing Company in Somerville, Massachusetts, to create fantastic beverage pairings for their tasting menus.

Add a layer of unique mystery to your bar and restaurant.

The Speakeasies, hidden bars, or restaurants make customers feel like they are stumbling upon something secret and just for them. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Wooly
  • La Esquina
  • Please Don’t Tell
  • Bohemian
  • Red Headed Step Child

Offer a tasting room.

Maybe your guests like the most delicate things in life. If you run a stylish bar, appeal to the whiskey connotes of the world with a whiskey & scotch tasting room. Arrange few Host exclusive events to let guests try the newest liquors in your bar.

Provide self-service beer

Yes, you guessed that right: self-service beers. With hundreds of beers on the tap, such a restaurant will take your credit card when you enter such a restaurant & give you a “gift card” back. The gift-card is placed on the tap machine, where it tracks how many ounces of beers you pour plus out of which tap. When you are done, you give the gift card back & pay the total sum accordingly.

Take a pop culture icon & bring it to life.

As saved by the Max in West Hollywood, California, it is fashioned after the ancient diner from Saved by the Bell & has everything that you could imagine from the show. Bayside Tigers logos, lockers with characters’ names mentioned on them, and the floor plan even matches the T.V. show set.

Open a tribute bar or restaurant.

In that same vein, you can design your bar and restaurant as a tribute to your personality. A Will Ferrell-themed bar known as Stay Classy is now in Washington, D.C. You could take an idea from it and theme your bar or restaurant around any literary figure.

Turn off the light.

Give your Guests a fresh new way to experience delicious food. In this style, the focus is on creating a sensory experience that forces the customers to connect with those present around them in an emotionally effective manner, despite the darkness.

Put eco-friendliness front and center.

Make your guests feel your purpose-driven mission plus vision every time they walk through the door. Quick-service chain Leon focuses more on “naturally fast food” and is an eco-focused concept that powers its store with sustainable energy and uses compostable packaging.

Give your guests a mission.

SafeHouse, with locations in Milwaukee & Chicago, is a restaurant that turns customers into secret agents, forcing them to use a password to get in and find clues to complete a mission.

Create food that brings your community to the life

After you have provided and sourced your ingredients from neighborhood farms, you can go an extra step & create menu items that reflect the experience and environment of your town or community. No Joke Smoke BBQ in Swansea, Massachusetts, makes seasonal sauces and flavorful slow-smoked meats to reflect the spirit of New England.