11 Restaurant Lunch Specials Ideas to beat your competitors

Restaurant Lunch Specials Ideas

Restaurant Lunch Specials Ideas

The dinner service usually gets all the buzz in the restaurant industry.

But what about lunch?

The lunch race offers a lucrative opportunity for clever innovators to benefit from it.

How do you beat the competition and get these diners in your restaurant for lunch? We equip you with the following to help you draw on crowds:

Who to Expect During the Lunch Rush

Directing the right audience can help increase your chances of great daytime benefits. But to do this, you need to know who you can point to.

So who would you expect to be the one to walk in the door during dinner?

According to the Visa report, urban, Millennials, Southerners, and high-income professionals spend more on food each week than other groups of people. They are. They are therefore more likely to be a part of lunch.

Here is what you wish to know about their spending habits and restaurant preferences to create a lunch that will appeal to them.


It is not enough to have delicious lunch menus to attract customers. It would help if you used a special lunch to bring new diners and keep your return regularly.

Ready to turn your restaurant into a lunchtime hotspot? Here are 11 tips to help you control your lunch.

VIP Lunch Special

Entice lunch diners with a rewarding loyalty program that encourages them to practice without eating at your restaurant. Give the diners a free meal after meals at your restaurant once a week for a whole month.

How can you use this special lunch? You can go for low technology with a punch card or with high tech with a loyalty app.


BOGO Lunch Special

Give customers a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) agreement to bring a friend or colleague who has never eaten at your restaurant before. Create an identity verification system to ensure that existing customers do not abuse the offer.


Quick Pickup Deal

Offer a brown bag lunch option to customers who need fast food but have not yet brought lunch to work. Make short lunch menus with your favorite desserts – and quick to make. Make customer experience much more accessible by setting up.


Speedy Lunch Special

Fast lunch is a restaurant version of the number three concept. Provide customers with a simple lunch menu – perhaps three soups, three salads, and three switches to choose from – with the assurance that the food will be served in 10 to 15 minutes.

Provide mobile payment or table payment options so they can opt-out when they finish their meal rather than waiting for the front and back, which is often associated with paying restaurant tabs. You can speed up the experience further by allowing customers to place their food orders online or in the app.


Prix Fixe Menu

The fine adjustment menu (French for “fixed price”) is a popular lunch special because it is perfect for both dinner and restaurant. This special lunch is popular in high-end and budget restaurants.

The prix fixe food price adjustment menu usually offers diners the size of small portions of several subjects. The kitchen can focus on quality and time rather than turning a wide variety of items during lunch service by providing customers with compatible options.


Lunchtime Catering

Provide teams and offices with the benefits of cooking in the comfort of the desired restaurant by offering quick-cooking packages to prepare the parties. Keep your lunch menu simple by providing only dishes you can make quickly and easily in bulk. Enable online ordering & delivery to get more orders during lunch.


Lunch Delivery

While daytime offers are often associated with food or snacks, increasing your attendance at a delivery service during the day can help improve your daytime income. Collaborate with Postmates, UberEats, or other delivery services to get your customers their fast food.


Midday Happy Hour

Entertainment should not only happen after work. Offer special daytime drinks!

If lunch is not an option, create a mocktail menu to make lunchtime feel like five o’clock.


Lunch Coupons

Buy mailing lists and send coupons directly to customers and local offices to attract new customers. Offer a discount deal or freebie like an appetizer with a minimum order.


Classic Lunch Combo

Giving a combo deal a special classic lunch! Provide the people you want by offering a pair of favorites from your menu. You can surrender half a sandwich, salad, or soup and combine it with a discount.


Lunch Buffet

Offer a restaurant buffet or takeout payment by weight to your lunch customers. Maintain a high quality of mind with the options you offer and make sure you can do it in bulk while keeping you warm. Lunch is easy for your group because you can eat the same food every day.