Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Here I will discuss unique restaurant promotional ideas, which will highly help you to boost your restaurant or food business. Without such efforts, it is very difficult in this era of developments to cope with increasing competition in the food industry. Let us have a look at these mesmerizing tips and tricks:
Let’s begin:

Discounts: Time-Based, Percentage-Based, or Flat-Off: Direct discounts work in different forms. They can be seasonal or ongoing, for new or old clients, etc. Time-based discount offers could mean x% off during 4-6 PM. Percentage-based discount offer includes x% of sum off on your entire order amount. Whereas there is an example of a flat discount will be twenty-five dollars off on your full amount. Additionally, promoting these discount offers with SMS or email campaigns leads up to higher adoption, i.e., more sales.

Events: Chef’s specials, theme-based seasonal events
The specialty is excellent at restaurants to try and bring the dishes they are known for in the end. At the same time, shoppers enjoy certain seasonal dishes or special chef items. Think about what your restaurants can do differently in the market, plus build on it. Get your chefs very close to this process.

Loyalty programs: a win-win for customers, including restaurants

The loyalty programs have been around since 1982, but more recently, they have caught on. Fast food restaurants are already implementing their loyalty programs in-restaurant promotions. They provide customers a sense of recognition and success. Your loyal customers are more likely to change the offer than new customers.

Deals: BOGO, Happy hours, and free desserts
Whether you “buy one and get one” or offer a free dessert – deals are an essential part of a restaurant promotion strategy. In fact, this study shows that options such as happy hours increase sales by more than 50% in restaurants.

From traditional restaurants like Berco to QSRs like Burger King or Taco Bell – the food industry is always trying to bundle. This works best if you donate fully and are most convenient to the pocket.
Next time you think about measuring the food category of your menu, must think about which dishes will compliment you best and put them together.

One plus one offers
According to the Wharton School of Business, the Lifetime Value for new referral customers is 16% higher than non-referrals. When people come to your restaurant when they recommend recommendations, they may trust and like your product. You can integrate the referral system into your loyalty program or use social media to promote it.
Ways to promote your restaurants online plus offline
Social media promotion for brand building
By simply posting the photo of your cooked food online, you can bring in your next bunch of crazy customers.
According to Zagat, seventy-five percent of people who browse food clicks say they have always chosen a place to eat based on their social media interaction with that place. There are few other ways like:
1 Newsletters and SMS for loyalty-building
2 Giveaways for quick engagement
3 Events
4 Holiday promotion
5 Partnerships

Up-selling using restaurant promotions
“Do you want a drink and what to finish the meal?”
Too often, our servers have used this approach to sell more products to customers. And now, with online orders, sales can be built into your online ordering system without much effort.
So what role does restaurant promotion play in helping upsell your restaurant? Here are few examples:

· Visually convince customers – promote your selected upsell items in the appropriate Instagram style. People usually decide what to eat by reading the descriptions or by observing more.
· Have unique up-sell options for your loyal users – these are your most loyal customers and can be converted with simple strategies. Contact them with your offers.

. Offer a discount offer, above a certain fixed amount of bill – this will encourage people to access that money by ordering more discounts.

. Make it evident on your online order portals – your online ordering site is your most targeted marketing channel. Make it effortless for your customers to order and accessories. Provide pre-set options and a reminder about the latest offer.
Promoting your restaurant on a budget
Starting a tight budget but still want to promote your restaurant? We have put you in touch with these tips.

· Know your margins – Must decide how much you require to save and what you are in a position to donate. Analyze historical sales data from your POS accordingly.

· Use your social media community – It’s low cost, but it’s a very effective way to build a loyal customer base and hold them with your promotions.

· Use basic SEO for your online ordering websites and pages – This will make your websites and social media pages available online and give you specific orders.

· Run a small contest – You do not need to start at a high level; small prizes with two winners a day or a percentage discount will work successfully.

· Showcase customers’ reviews – More than anything else, these few updates are your best selling points. Use it on your websites, social media pages, and offline in your printed menus.

. Start talking about your brand story –
A good story attracts and sells.
1 Why are you here?
2 How did you get here?
3 What is your USP?
4 What is your inspiration?
Must talk about it if you want others to talk about your brand and restaurant.

Anyone or more than one of the mentioned above tips and tricks could be life-saving for you and your restaurant. They would not only increase the crowd at your door but also the life of your restaurant.


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